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Be sure sure to post impressions of how they compare against each other if you have the time. The Steinberg/Yamaha Portico collection were the only plugins to get approved by Neve himself when he was alive.
They sound pretty close actually but I think the NoiseAsh one sounds a bit better. It's more open sounding with more depth and more tight and focused to my ears. I could close my eyes and almost not be able to tell the difference after setting the two up to sound the same except for the points I mentioned. Maybe someone with better ears than me can point out little details but for me not enough difference to matter. Sure, Neve approved the Steinberg but that was many years ago. The coding on plugins wasn't what it is today and have come a long way since. Who knows, Neve might approve the NoiseAsh 533 if he was still alive for all we know. It's that good imo.

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