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Instant buy!! I have enough experience with the RuleTec Collection and the 31102 to know that these new ones will also be superb.

C'mon! The existing 31102 Console EQ is duplicated in this collection, yeah, if you already own it (I can't be sure, but it doesn't appear there are any enhancements that have been made, as -most obviously- it hasn't joined its EQ comrades in having Nuance Deviation, and there's no mention of any upgrade in its description), but she's now accompanied by her own dedicated mic-pre partner; along with dedicated pre's and console eq's from the 73, 81, and 84 series; not to mention that we get a RND 5033 EQ thrown in !!** (But, whaaaat?! You couldn't lay your hands on a 5043 to model!? Lemme know, I can lend you mine...), and...all...this...for...$149.00??? Fuhgedaboudit!

**BTW, I saw what you did with the Nuance Deviation!

Okay, yeah, mighta known that @ Jeezo would 'scoop me!' LOL We were probably typing at the same time, but you're just a quicker typist I guess! And @ Mr Grim , darned -I wish I'd seen the coupon before I ordered! But it's still one helluva great price as is. No regrets here! Besides, I ordered so quickly that I guess I might have the first digital Serial Number!

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