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Old 21st December 2021
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Originally Posted by re5etuk ➡️

In the past I’ve bought gear that relies on usb, editors on computers , plugins to go on devices and eventually they’ve fallen foul of drivers , os updates , change in direction etc ( eg nord modular editors , Roland plug outs and aira fx modules , stomp fx pedal that used iOS app to editor and configure )

Are you confident that systems being used can avoid that type of thing .. usb connections, browser editors etc ?
Hi ;-)

Yes. I am quite confident.

We utilise class-compliant devices for the connection between computer and MOD. This means that no driver is required, as we stick to the standard USB services.

In terms of editor, we utilise the browser and require standard HTML5, making it platform agnostic.

The risks regarding future would be:
- USB is not adopted by new computers
- HTML5 is not supported by browsers anymore.

I find these two risks to be quite minimal, if not inexistent.

In terms of our plugins, the risk is also minimal. We adopt LV2, which is an open plugin format from the Linux Audio Community and exists independently of us, and LV2 plugins shall continue to be released despite our platform.

Last, but surely not least, our software is mostly open. We have a plugin builder available as an open repository which allows any developer to keep building plugins for our platform.

Hope that helps clarifying