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Old 21st December 2021
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I just recieved my 476 and here are my very initial impressions: hardware seems a notch or two above the usual on this price range. It's sturdy and has good heft. Compressor reacts wonderfully to input gain but when engaged it does indeed lift the signal about 6dBs so this requires a more careful gain staging to avoid the noise floor to be lifted too. I pushed the volume level on my 909 up and lowered the input trimmer gains and it worked ok. Ideally a compressor thereshold control could have avoided this but as it's tied to input trimmer gain it's hard to set hard limiting/comp without lifting the noise floor. I'd try to find a balance between both. Shame because guitar comp preset works wonderfully on drums and asks to be abused. Vintage mode is perfect to make the hats a bit more vibrant in the mix, I love this. I love the metering too, very useful and seems precise. Roundtrip latency is worse to comparable interfaces but in my particular case it's not important as I do direct monitoring, but it's critical to others. Perhaps this could be improved with subsequent firmware updates but I wouldn't hold my breath.


- I wish there was a way to link inputs 1+2 as a stereo pair to set the gain with a single input trimmer and comp settings etc.
- Mixing direct and daw monitoring is preset to a 50/50 mix or so. Might not be ideal in some situations so I wish there was a way to change the ratio between both.
- I wish you could slightly alter the comp presets to tailor them to taste, but I guess these are hardware fixed?

Anyway, good interface overall with a few gotchas that are maybe not that problematic if you know how to work around them.