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Originally Posted by Ronski ➡️
Hi! What softsynth would you recommend for realistic strings, woodwinds and brass etc? I was offered a job to make ”cinematic classical” music for a film and the budget is not big enough to hire real musicians to play.
You need access to a bunch of high quality sample libraries. Which can be expensive.

To start out it may be a good idea to look at EastWest Composer Cloud which gives you access to all their instruments ( which EW say would cost you $15k to puchase ) for a low monthly subscripion , and that way you only need to pay for it whilst you''re scoring the film and you won't be limited by your budget.

Once you've done the gig you'll probably have a much better idea of what you need and whether it's worth investing in some other libraries or just using Composer Cloud when you need it.