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Originally Posted by Esla ➡️
With M+ what is the latency like? Same as using the M+ as interface?

I bet the the extra preamp color and comp is nice addition to an already compact but capable rig. I love my M+ with Tascam Model 12 but that is allot of extra kit to pack if you only need a few in/outs.
I don't really notice any significant latency difference compared to using the onboard soundcard. Only thing to note is that M+ isn't capable of properly powering the 276 on its own so you need to use the PSU socket (I use a USB power brick instead of a dedicated PSU). It is possible to use the 276 without additional PSU power, but then you need to keep Master volume in M+ way below -0dBFS or the 276 will crap out, and starts power cycling erratically

I dont use the vintage mode on the input(s) (it's subtle enough for you to go "is this thing on?" with lower gain settings) but the comps are super useful