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When you want realistic, you don't want a synthesizer. You want a sample library. Sample libraries record actual musicians with live instruments one note at a time and also (sometimes) as phrases. You play these real audio recordings back in real time using your midi keyboard. Sample libraries have expanded and improved immensely with the increased RAM and storage sizes on computers. Some sample libraries take up hundreds of gigabytes of storage, because they record extensive amounts of dynamics, articulations, mic positions, ensemble sizes, etc. A proper sample library is unquestionably the closest you will get in realism aside from recording your own live orchestra.

Albion One is on sale right now for $269, which is a great price. It is professional quality, and is designed to be easy to use for someone new to orchestral/cinematic writing. I believe it runs in Kontakt Player, which is a free sample library player (I have the full version of Kontakt, so I don't pay much attention to what runs in Kontakt or Kontakt Player. The full version of Kontakt runs all versions of Kontakt libraries).

Confirm that Albion One runs in the free Kontakt Player. If so, that library is worth serious consideration.

To educate yourself, do youtube and google searches with these types of phrases:
"orchestral vst library"
"sample library vst"
"kontakt sample library"
"symphonic sample library vst"
"kontakt symphonic"
"top vst orchestral libraries"
"woodwinds strings brass percussion sample library"
"cinematic vst library"
"epic orchestral kontakt"
"film scoring kontakt"

You will start seeing what this world is. And a great place to get started is Albion One.

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