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Originally Posted by GeneHall ➡️
I think that's a very healthy perspective relative to ones circumstance.
By no means did I mean to imply folks can't get stuck into their creative efforts without having high end mics.
I definitely believe that experience and professionalism can tip a budget mic into the desired range of acceptance for it's user. I like to think I can make anything work, but I know what I'm compromising too.
But beyond the personal and when including the expectations of prospective paying clients, that scale has to be reassessed. Clients are very savvy these days and having a perceived inferior mic put in front of them translates to doubt , and trying to qualify such a choice is a waste of time and opportunity, ime.
I just did a V/o job and the V/o artist showed up with a well traveled briefcase of his mics and handed me his vintage BD after deciding as much as he wanted to try my 314, he didn't know the mic [or me] well enough.
If there is no intention of stepping into occupational audio, and you've found a $200-500 mic that you know well enough to meet your expectations, jam on!

I'm actually very intrigued by some of the mics mentioned, I'm definitely not opposed to cost effective if results can be achieved. Suppose that's why I follow most of the budget gear discussions, I'm always trying to learn from the experiences of other folks who have worked the gear and are happy with their outcomes. I did try an entire line of ADK tube mics years back, but sent them back post haste. Compared to my FleA's and Neumann's, they were lackluster to say the least.
I hope I didn't come off as dismissive, it wasn't my intention. Mics and guitars are two of my passions where my OCD is uncontained.
In a year from now I will probably be posting, "you were 100% right about just spending money on some great vocal mics!"

I didn't take it as dismissive at all.

I am much closer to getting a u87ai since this thread, than I was a couple of days ago.

Being that I'm going to be mixing and editing a lot of stuff recorded on cheap condensers anyway, I am learning to deal with the 14k "ice pick" spike many K67 style mics have with my own cheap mics.

But there are a lot worse than the ones I've got. Didn't take too much to make them palatable.

Yeah, the client thing should be interesting. I am opening up shop in January but more on the editing and content creation side of the game, than when I used to track and produce bands.