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Originally Posted by bill5 ➡️
Completely untrue. But for those who enjoy pissing away money for no good reason just so they can say they have fancy pricey mix X, it's their money, enjoy.
Do you completely disagree with elegentdrum, or do you just want to shift the price points?
Right now, $120 or less gets you one of a number of dynamics that are rugged, take almost any level and can do at least a decent job on many sources. Of course there are dynamics that cost a lot more and are loved by some of those who have used them, but you don’t NEED them to experience what dynamics can do.
If instead you try to save money by finding some lookalike no-name Amazon dynamic for $30, you stand a very good chance of not having a mic that allows you to learn what dynamics do well. You might buy one of a number of cheap dynamics that are an embarrassment to the genre. EVERYONE should have one good dynamic.

If instead your first buy is a $120 LDC, you will not know what either a genuinely good LDC or a good dynamic can do. You have in large part wasted your money.

If you instead buy a $120 ribbon, you MIGHT get a decent short ribbon. But it is a dangerous choice as a first mic. Ribbons are more fragile regarding storage, handling (drops and bumps), wind, breath, and sometimes phantom power. And a short ribbon is not THE classic long ribbon that most experienced engineers love. It is an interesting, useful entry mic, but a risky one.

If you spend your $120 on an SDC, the possibilities, both (marginally) good and definitely bad, are almost endless. In my experience, $120 SDCs can be noisy, harsh and screamingly bright. But as time goes on I read more GS posters I trust who report having bought new design good SDCs at ridiculously low prices. And $120 is a ridiculously low price for a good SDC. My recent and personal experience is that you have to roll up above $300 to start to find an SDC that sounds reliably good on a human voice or an acoustic guitar. But if you just need some snap and sizzle at the top of your drum mix, those awful, nasty cheap SDCs can probably be OK.

So if anyone actually read through this too long post, I hope you found something useful in it.