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Originally Posted by XHipHop ➡️
Don't sweat not having an RE20 and keep an eye out for an RE10 or RE11 that falls into the low end (not sure which EV's you picked up).

I was able to score an RE15 last November!

$450-$1000 for a microphone? sheesh, are you in Radiohead or Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish or something?
When it comes to mic's, only good moving coils are under $1,000. Most good LDC tube or ribbon mics are in the $1000 to $5000 range. Only a few models of specific makes that have been glorified cost more.

$500 for a new mic does not get you into a Studio level vocal mic for most voices.

Back on point. What controls the decision should be this:
If you have nothing and need something, just get something so that you can do something. Low or high end does not matter. To get your idea's down you need something.

If you want quality of results, you need quality gear. However, the cost does not necessarily relate to the best fit. Vocal mic's are about finding the one that hides the bad stuff and brings out the good stuff in a specific voice. I'm a bit of a nut for that and have 70 mic's in my locker. Most were in the $500 to $2000 range. Even with all those mic's sometime an SM57 is the right fit for a specific voice.

It takes many years of placing mic's on sources to start picking the right mic at the right time and put it in the right place.

After all that. If I had splurged for a U87 at the start vs the end of putting mic's together, I would have been much happier.