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Originally Posted by riffwraith ➡️
What softsynth would you recommend for realistic strings, woodwinds and brass etc?


Omnisphere has some semi-realistic string sounds that can work at times.

You need sample libraries if you want strings, woodwinds and brass etc.

Curious - you were hired to compose cinematic classical music for a film, but have nothing in the way of orchestral sample libraries? Isn't that sort of like me getting hired as a chauffeur without owning a car?
Thanks, I’ll check the omnisphere. Is there a sample library you would recommend?

This is first gig for me to do this kind of genre where I probably need orchestral sound. Directors actual words were ”we need music that is acoustic, classical and artsy” so I could probably use a piano and other instruments I have but I want to try something different and owning a good synth/samplepack for strings is not a bad addition to my toolbox.