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Originally Posted by jonnyjonjon ➡️
yall got mad at me before when i said that software companies are driven by GREED and PROFITS.... not its a bit more clear, eh?
Yes, partly or all of it, depending on the company.
There may be other goals and aims when someone commits all that energy into something.

However that is not the question. If profits farther than short (or middle in some cases) term were it, then such pricing schemes and monopolistic ways shouldn't always be implemented, far from it.

At many cases serve the profit and greed of said bright CEOs and managers that usually get paid by incremental revenue %, no matter if last only for a number of terms.
They will do their damage and let the novel (and unaware customers) bite the low entry price, and the longstanding stakeholders be happy of a while, while the company gets cornered into some market segment taking advantage of previous market position or some recent notable tech (like happened with large pro studios who cannot refuse: iex Adobe, Protools), which will last for a certain lapse, increasingly shorter though (see the actual surge in alternative DAWs, or Affinity at the graphics world).

//So in fact these walled garden wars, or monthly enslaving firms may show and measure success for a while, only. If stakeholders really want sustained and sustainable profits, they would find instead a better long term alignment for their marketing-pricing strategies with their potential and customer base.