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Originally Posted by Calagan ➡️
It seems that the recent huge rise of the update price didn't serve the efficiency of the coding team...
I'm truly fed up too with Reason : I'm trapped in it because of compatibility of old projects and some reason instruments I use on stage (because of old songs that were composed with Reason long time ago).
It is more plausible than the efficiency (and efficacy) of the coding team, at least how it is presented to customers, is again* hindered by the marketing team, all of that conflating into their pricing strategies.

*This is a quite widespread issue that seems to go unnoticed.
I have just did a (bing) search with the terms: "the long term problem with SaaS pricing strategies" and after checking three pages for ANY mention different than tools, Best of lists, How to, etc together with appraisals for what most people on the Marketing/Pricing side, including businesses and academy... its becoming unavoidable to conclude that such beliefs are increasing up to unreasonable levels imho.

The problem is an either unreported inherent issue or what is just considered a bad implementation of the still reigning idea for the future for many business models: subscription aka SaaS (System as a Service)

And it is a difficult issue to tackle, on one side there are companies and ventures wanting to professionalize and improve their management and marketing departments, meeting these abundant (and many times successful CEOs candidates) being brainwashed and blinded into this new creed of extracting the most $ (in short, middle term, that is) via suscription. What is for them to do? Question their rationale? I already sadly saw Accusonus fall into this, and a list seems to be getting in line too...

The basic assumption that their overall gain being fronted by small (but regular) payments is defended with the inclusion of maintenance costs and all sorts of arguments. However they pay little attention to that (as once was fronted to Microsoft) they are in fact charging again for the already built basic infrastructure, streets and roads again and again, many times. Not in relation with real technical advancements or new needs but to comply with artificially added 'needs' created by other related Companies (M1 or OS annual versioning) which obviously could be made to automatically comply, but it is not.

Let alone both their tendencies to include all kinds of unfair monopolistic measures wherever they may, and their disregard of their large customer base inherently variable budget to name one basic need, but also there are relevant others like our need for stability (synthesizers and other outboard gear) and wide compatibility, responsiveness with open source colaborations (like MIDI) and more.

///This is a difficult subject to talk about with so many powerful pressures and incentives while wide, diverse audiences, sellers and customers of many kinds observe with a range of emotions, to say it simply.
Nevertheless it is step by step getting to a boiling point. Many have been burned already. Just hope Reason keep their senses awake and reacts the sooner, changing recently shifted course if needed.