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Originally Posted by fuseaudiolabs ➡️
Hi weeschwee,

Please take a look into the signal flow block diagram in the manual.

It's true: The virtual expander/gate VCA comes first then the compressor/limiter's. However, the two sidechains run in parallel, i.e. both the expander and the compressor block tap the the same control signal. So you can think of it as a combined compressor/expander affair. In other words, even despite the fact that the two processors are non-linear, due to this particular configuration it wouldn't make a difference whether the compressor or the expander comes first. It isn't the case that the gated signal triggers the compressor (or vice versa) - both "see" the same input signal, i.e. the expander will only react to the portions of the signal below the expander/gate threshold, the compressor will only react to amplitudes above the compressor/limiter threshold. If both thresholds overlap, the one with the bigger GR wins so to speak.

Hope that helps.

I think that helps. Does the gate/expander also see the input signal before the preamp or eq takes effect? I like to use expanders on drums before any other processing so the expander really sees the transients. If I'm correct, the preamps, when driven hard enough, will start to compress the signal which could bring up the bleed of the other drums while also subduing the transient.

Where can i find the manual?

Thanks for your help!