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Here for the gear
There are a few plain pieces of junk on this list. I won't even mention their names.

The OB6 and the Digitone keys on the other hand are in another class than most all of these.
I own both and every time I play them I feel unworthy. These are instruments. Not consumer electronic toys to be discarded when the new toy joy wears off.
Both synths have very good keyboards. They both respond to aftertouch, and enable you to dial in as little or as much as you like.
Both of these synths have potent tools for sound design. But have been carefully designed so as not to be too difficult to understand. The Digitone especially should be commended for making FM synthesis less opaque. I was shocked when they were on sale not long after their introduction, so I snagged one for about $800 with my lockdown check.
You could write an entire song on the Digitone keys, because in addition to it's internal voices, it also features MIDI sequencing. Sure it is limited to 4 MIDI tracks. But come on. How many of us can arrange 8 voice melodies and not end up with a mess?
Most good songs are just melody, bass, countermelody, drum beat and vocal. See, easy.
The OB6 is a treat. It's essentially perfect in regards to the multimode filter, oscs and general layout of controls. The onboard effects are pretty good too. The only cons I can think of if pushed, are that it has but one LFO, and navigating patches is a little cumbersome. Such that trying to save a patch to a new place requires long fingers or a third hand.
Still, I would not put some of these pieces of junk on the same page as either the Digitone or OB6.
The Blofeld and the Grandmother I think deserve mention.
I know they brought up the Quantum (which nobody I know can afford). The Blofeld is an extremely powerful sound design tool. It's analog emulation may not fool golden ears types. But it moves serious air with great tracking into the lowest octaves. Which I cannot say for some of my high dollar genuine analog synths. The wavetables are what you get Waldorf for though. And you get two per voice. Along with FM and a mod matrix. Pair a Blofeld with a Digitone and you can do serious damage.
The Grandmother is well, grand?
I love that it has a spring reverb. That you can patch yourself well into the weeds. Since they didn't design in any training wheels. The sound is well, Moog. Though I think they went a little crazy with the gain staging. (you have to keep the Oscs at 50% to avoid clipping harmonics).
But it brings modular style patching to the masses.

Really, this must be advertorial.