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Nice to see this thread getting a reboot. I don't hang here anymore for a few reasons - namely 15yrs later and having followed and participated in too many threads to count, as I have gotten older I've become more informed, have developed and become comfortable with an aesthetic Ive come to settle on and quite honestly, the debating and arguing the minutiae of the ever so subtle (big picture meaningless) intricacies is a total waste of time. It's all hubris lol..But hey, that's what has made this page tick for decades!

As to the SMP (mine being the SMP500) it's one of the few desert island pieces I have, being the SMP and JLM PEQ500s that immediately come to mind. The SMP500 is not only my fave for acoustic instruments but on a 7b for vocals as well and I've never gotten all the leaning towards highly coloured mic amps for this already very coloured mic where the SMP just opens it right up and has gobs of headroom. People pay for Triton line amps when all they need is a super pre to start - Daking is another beauty for the 7b but I digress.

Anyways, back to the Test back in 2013. The differences we found between the 500 series (forget the rack) and Gordon Series 5 at that time to be so minimal while offering an incredible return on the price, I knew then that it was time to start reevaluating all this chasing the dragon stuff and I actually owe a lot to the SMP for this alone. Thanks, Fred for the wake up call!

Get your hands on any Forssell mic amp is what I say. If you're looking for transparent, but not thin and lifeless, but rather more RL sounding, you need not look any further.

Ha, I hadn't logged on in so long I just noticed Mr Kennedy's quote that I put in my signature so long ago. Dan knows what's what