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Originally Posted by cocosushi ➡️
"Synth A" sounds in some patches more "alive" to my ears so DIVA should be B or else the OB-6 would be an overpriced toy
What are you listening on?

On my Sennheiser HD650, 'A' sounds much more precise, sharp, sterile, thin.
'B' sounds thicker, weightier (more body, wider spectrum of harmonics), warmer.

I'm pretty confident A is Diva.

The thinner synth A might sometimes be easier to fit into a mix and it has a more precise, HD, cleaner, forcussed sound to my ears.... But I'm surprised to read you think it sounds more 'alive', as I thought B sounds wilder, more organic, richer. B has an extra je ne sais quai of magic. In my opinion.

If B is Diva, I'd be very happily surprised.

On some of the examples I preferred A, because it was cleaner and sharper focussed.
It totally depends on the context of the mix as to which would be 'better'.