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Originally Posted by Finnish ➡️
CLA strip here, so what's the difference?
The knobs are more colorful on this one, and it has an official SSL logo in the top-right. Isn't it obvious?

In all seriousness, the main difference seems to be the Brown EQ option (which, from a quick YouTube example I've heard, sounds blechh to me), and SSL E V2 keeps the Split button on the filters that CLA MixHub omits. But CLA MixHub has more features, like separating out Analog & Noise as individual options, and the built-in Bluey 1176 compressor option. And isn't there a way to zoom the controls to full screen in MixHub too? Plus MixHub has the whole inserts & bucket workflow that SSL E V2 doesn't have.

I'd be interested to hear a comparison with the original Waves SSL E-Channel plugin & what the CPU load is like. Upgrade discount is nice, would be nicer if I could apply it towards an upgrade to the full SSL pack though.