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Originally Posted by fuseaudiolabs ➡️
I'd argue there really isn't the need for an additional input gain, because all the blocks except the preamp and the dynamics modules are linear processors and the threshold range of both the compressor/limiter and the expander/gate sections should be wide enough for practical applications.
I concur. But people got accustomed to gain staging with plugins with nonlinearities, I think this comment of yours should be put in boldface at the start of the manual.

BTW, I have one humble request unrelated to VCS-1: currently I put RS-W2395C on every channel and group by default, because it does frequency balancing in such an effortless and top-notch manner that it's silly. If you ever get down to that, consider extending midband to 50Hz-10KHz and adding another midband, would gladly pay whatever you ask for that.