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Thanks. You are motivated by similar things as I was. I just could not find them on the open market. I mean, some of these preamps you could overdrive them and it made no difference. The problem is that they used too much Neg Feedback. This also has a sound. To me it sounds confined and constricted. That is why I made it an option. (Side note: VOX AC amps had no Neg Feedback) The so called "Tube Sound" is often a function of overdrive. That is where your second harmonics come in and the sound gets bigger and warmer. Just depends on what you are looking for. I needed to no over drive on guitars and overdrive on lead instruments like Violins and voices. I use one over the other so there is separation.

Jim Moss

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I saw and appreciated it before it was deleted. It's always interesting to me to hear a designer's insights.