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Demontron - Free Spooky instrument for Kontakt

hey is a little early Halloween treat!

Welcome to the weird and spooky world of Demontron!!! Demontron is a Kontakt instrument that has only a few knobs but lots and lots of fun to play is compiled by 6 individual sounds - instruments that can be used individually or combined in order to create anything from an epic movie soundtrack all the way to spooky and otherworldly soundscapes... plus some quite interesting surprises on its four big knobs....and the best is yet to come:

Demontron IS FREE!!!! You can download it from my e-shop for absolutely FREE!

Everything you hear in this demo is Demontron and Demontron other instrument or processing has been used...check it out till the end for creepy soundscapes and weird epic melodies...

Demontron is the first of its kind...this is the first of my Trons collection, a series of Kontakt instruments resembling the mellotron sample playing basic idea but with a fresh and innovative attitude...

Check my website for more info on Demontron but also my other (free and commercial) instruments and products: