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Old 5th October 2021
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Just got a Zoom H6 as I'm wanting to do more mobile video stuff in locations without power. Although these are really cool and a decent price point, I still think the zooms are a better option. I would be tempted to check out the 476 if it actually had 4 preamps, but I'm sure that's pushing it for USB buss powered. I'm also a little confused about how the compressor works and if we just have to gain stage into it? It would have been nice to have a one knob for threshold at least, but the 3 presets are nice. I'm wondering if they borrowed the 1176 tech from the 4-710 preamps? Those were great for catching peaks and saving a take, but they weren't exactly "compressors" in the sense that you could dial them in.

Regardless, seems like a good roll out! I was expecting them to cost more.