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Originally Posted by teevee ➡️
Finally Midi-out too:
And it uses 1/4" instead of RCA!

One of the things I hate about my OG 404 is having to use adapters or TS-RCA cables. Sampling into the 404 from vinyl for the FX (and often converting to summed mono which my 2000XL can't do), then sampling into the MPC for proper slicing and sequencing, and moving the 404 to the MPCs outputs for more FX is a real hassle of cable juggling and wobbly RCAs. The smart thing would be to have two 404s... maybe I'll end up with this new one at some point.

But the 1/4" jacks would make all that swapping much more palatable, so selling my old one for a new one is a real possibility. Depending on how nice the Vinyl Sim is.

That's one of the main issues with the newer 404s to me, compared to the 303 and the original 404 which have "that" Vinyl Sim Compressor sound, compared to the SX and A versions where it's different, I think they split off the Vinyl Sim from the Compression.

There's always Vulf Compressor which doesn't sound quite the same but it can get close and is very versatile.

I also wonder about the pads. The 404 pads are 'squishy clunky' buttons like on a TV remote control and I've never found them to be comfortably or consistently playable. Huge respect to all the guys that play the hell out of them. But these pictures look like they might have changed them to the standard style of MPC and controller type pads.