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Originally Posted by camus2 ➡️
edit: it's likely more $500 than $600

OK, it's more expensive than I thought.

At $600, I don't know, might as well get a used Toraiz SP16.

I wouldn't even call the MPC Studio MKII a generic Midi controller though and this is an issue. It cannot function like a MPD outside MPC Software the DAW, for instane, changing pad banks won't work like a regular MPD controller, which is a terrible omission.

The MPC One is a powerful device. However

- it's full of bugs, some that will brick your hardware, and AKAI isn't fixing them

- it doesn't do disk streaming for now.

So I have one. I still recommend it for the price, but AKAI need to fix the bugs instead of adding functions.
I have an mpc one as well, I haven't had any issues with it, but I'm definitely all for Akai squashing any outstanding bugs... the mpc controllers don't interest me but there is another side to that story.. the controller might not work as a standard controller, but Akai is still offering that free software aren't they, does the controller work with that if so I'd say that is pretty generous.

I only use my units stand alone so I don't have any of their software on my computer but I don't know anybody else as generous offering anything close to that software for free, if that new controller works well with that software then for some (not me) it sounds like a good deal

what I wish is that Roland had made this new 404 44.1 instead of 48, because if it ends up being class compliant it still won't be able to be ran via usb with the MPCs and that would have been nice.