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Originally Posted by Captain 8 ➡️
the 404 mk2 cost $600, comparing it to a midi controller is I dunno
edit: it's likely more $500 than $600

OK, it's more expensive than I thought.

At $600, I don't know, might as well get a used Toraiz SP16.

I wouldn't even call the MPC Studio MKII a generic Midi controller though and this is an issue. It cannot function like a MPD outside MPC Software the DAW, for instane, changing pad banks won't work like a regular MPD controller, which is a terrible omission.

Originally Posted by Captain 8 ➡️
what's your take for the bang of buck you get with the mpc one?
The MPC One is a powerful device. However

- it's full of bugs, some that will brick your hardware, and AKAI isn't fixing them

- it doesn't do disk streaming for now.

So I have one. I still recommend it for the price, but AKAI need to fix the bugs instead of adding functions.