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Old 30th September 2021
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This is what AKAI should have released instead of that pityful "MPC Studio MKII" release a cheap standalone sampler with a sequencer, AND without the bugs found on the MPX8 and MPX16. Make it $400, best seller. Of course AKAI decided to just do a quick gash grab, as long as enough "influencers" promote it, it will sell...

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Hehe the thumbnail image you attached looks like my scientific calc from high school

Never seen nor used a 404 , how odd

I've absolutely no idea about them, now I'm curious
It's fun to use but Roland has been selling the same device for like 10 years without any meaningful improvement. So this is an interesting proposition. The plus are battery powered and sample time only limited by the size of the sd card and the infamous effects like vinyl sim.

I had a SP202 and a Zoom Sample Trak 20 years ago. the Zoom device did things the SP404 still DOES NOT DO today. Unfortunately the SP line became more popular cause Zoom doesn't know how to do eye candy design, or tries something in theory all powerful but full of bugs (Zoom Arq, let it be known that the Arq 48/96 can be USB powered and the Arq 96 has an Ableton Live still clip launcher, with timestretching AND pitchshifting with up to 10 voices of polyphony... but it also has a LOT OF problems...).