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Originally Posted by jupiterman ➡️
Does anyone know is reason 12 going to be native m1 compatible?
Looking ahead - our roadmap
This is the first time we do this, but we’ll keep iterating on the format until we find something that works. This is a plan, not a promise. Plans sometimes change, and if they do, you’ll be the first to know in a follow-up post. Beyond what's here, we'll of course continuously fix bugs and improve stability and performance.

Under development

Smart browser – October
In Reason 12 we delivered a new fresh and fast browsing experience. In October we plan to ship an update that organizes all your content in a better way and makes finding patches and sounds much easier

Hi-res rest of Reason – October
For Reason 12 the focus was to make the rack hi-res but in October we will ship an update that updates the remaining parts of the sequencer and UI to hi-res too.

More styles for Combinator 2.0 - November
Most of us spend too much time choosing the right button or knob to make our Combinators really pop. They make the Combinator so much more fun, and we want to have an even broader selection. And my personal testing shows that good looking Combinators sound better too..

M1 support – December
Reason will be updated to run natively on the Apple M1 processor.

VST3 support –January
Yes, you read that right! VST3 support is coming to Reason. This is a big project, but we are working to deliver this as soon as possible which is why it’ll take a bit longer than other stuff on the roadmap.