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I've been producing on a pair of 8351A during a month. Me and my mates were really happy with how the tracks were sounding and we were ready to send them to the company. I brought to my studio the kh 310 again and we tested the songs on them just for curiosity. I must say it was a huge wtf in all of us. We couldn't believe what we were hearing, seriously. The songs sounded like crap, like poor demos, can't find words to describe the feeling. The lows sounded blurry, totally undefined and really boomy, the dynamics were out of control. I've had the same experience I had two years ago when I had the chance to work on them. I've remade the mixes on the kh 310 and they sound great on all other systems.

I'm keeping the kh 310, these are the best mix tool I have found, better than any other I've had the chance to use. Must say they are not fun at all, these are just that, amazing mixing tools.

God knows I tried, xD, but for me the Genelec story has finally ended. In my opinion, they lie like crazy.