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Originally Posted by ZangTumblyTumble ➡️
As there isn't a Suite 12, that probably isn't a big surprise.

Are you claiming they take instruments you got in Suite 11 away from you if you upgrade to 12? 'Cos that would be...odd. And as there hasn't been (justifiably) widespread complaining about that, I'm going to assume it hasn't happened.

I happen to be on Reason+ at the moment so can't test that out, but I very much doubt anything has been taken away from existing users.
I bought Reason 11 Suite recently during the sale where they offered the 12 upgrade for free. I can confirm that the extra rack extensions included with Reason 11 Suite are still available in my account and usable in Reason 12. That was a very fair way to handle it, I thought, compared to simply retiring access to them when they retired the "Suite" version of the product and forcing Suite owners people to upgrade to a lesser Standard product and lose access to those rack extensions.

It's worth noting, however, that after upgrading to 12, a lot of those rack extensions did not have the high res graphics and to get that working I had to delete all the extensions listed in the Authorizer app, then click "Sync All" in the My Account|My Products|Rack Extensions section of the website, which triggered a smooth process to download and install all the latest hi res versions.

I am super chuffed about the new hi res graphics. From what I've seen in forums a lot of people are complaining about Reason, I used to be one of them; I complained bitterly about it. Reason 10 as a DAW in 2019 felt clumsy and cramped, which affected my creativity, and the graphics looked like something out of 2006 except smaller. With no promise of scalable graphics in Reason 11 I moved onto greener DAW pastures.

But now, all is forgiven. These new scalable high resolution graphics in 12 look so nice, I get a lot of pleasure just opening things up and looking at them - weird, I know! They look exactly like they did in the amusing teaser YouTube video from a few months ago, which I am impressed by (no gaming industry style fake trailers here!). I doubt I'll ever use Reason as a DAW again, Ableton Live is my jam nowadays, but I'm happy to have Reason Rack in my toolbox. And bizarrely, Reason Rack seems to sound nicer because of these improved graphics. I'm sure it sounds identical, but due to some trick that no doubt advertising types know all about, I was dismissive of the entire package sound and all when it looked like garbage, and now it is as if it has a new lease on life.

I hope this inspires some other companies to follow suit; Waves, Air, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Waldorf, Cockos and Image Line I'm looking at you.