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After a long time, I'm giving my impressions once I've had the chance to try and work on a lot of speakers.

The most obvious thing I'v learnt is that, once I've tried sealed speakers (in this case the k&h o300), the majority (if not all) of the ported speakers sound blurry and undefined to me making me miss the tightness and precision of sealed design a lot. I've came to the conclusion this is what make me dislike almost the majority of speakers i try. The problem I find with the new kh 310 is that they sound harsh, not close to the warmth the old o300 delivered. By the way, their low end is the most useful low end I've listened to in any speaker.

As you know I tried the scm25a. Their sonic representation was very mid forward and had a very very nice and usable muscle in the low mid range. I really liked them when I covered their ports with their foam. When I did it the lows were tight and robust and very informative, but for me, they were not enough and I would have needed subs. I also found I needed to eq them too much to take those abrasive mids away and I didn't find it cool. Highs were simply correct. In my opinion, not worth what they cost. Passed away.

I had the chance to have in my room the 8351a again during 3 weeks. (Jantex, I invoke you). I repeat what I always say, they have the best stereo image I've ever heard (much more than d&d 8c, atc, pulsars or focal trio to name a few). Their punch is from another planet and plain and simple, they sound freaking incredible. Guess their sonic representation is just perfect. The problem??? What I always say about them: they don't translate well, at leasts in my case. They tend to make things better than they are, making me undercompress a lot of information since they sound good anyway. I think these speakers would be much better without the rear port. My old o300 were the oposite, they told very clearly when you were going too hard in dynamics because they started breaking, that was a very useful tool.

I tried the 8c as well. They sounded awesome (but a little bit cold), but to me, too awesome to be a mixing tool. That coldness changed a bit when low latency mode was activated. Productions I did on them were the worst sounding I've made in the last years. Don't get the point when some people compare them to atc scm50.

(Must say, while waiting for another pair of monitors I made a couple of very nice sounding mixed using a pair of BM5 mkiii, not joking xD)

There are other speakers I would have loved to try such as barefoots 01, but their availability in Europe is not at it's best in these moments.

The circle is finally closing around Amphion line (not sure the two 15 or the one 18) and the kh 310, both with sub systems. I will get them both after vacations and will compare.

To be said, I'm eqing all the speakers using audio hijack and inserting a Pro Q3 to make them ideal to my ears (remember, all ears are different).

Lots of regards to all of you and thank you for maintaining this thread so alive and useful!
The only speakers I’ve not tried that are of interest for me are the Geithan and Qii3. Have you tried any of these? Also have you tried the Ex Machina Quasars? (Not pulsars). Quasars are way ahead for me so far. I have Barefoots and they smoke them in every way.