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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by jnorman ➡️
okay - here are a few clips comparing the OM1 to a sennheiser MKH20. this is just one of my wife's flute students, so the playing is a bit iffy. there are 3 sets of clips - one at about 2 feet out from the flute, one at about 4 feet out, and one at about 8 feet out. no EQ, no nothing. I did not change the recording levels between clips (didn't have time to fiddle with stuff). it was interesting watching the meters as she played - the two mics behaved quite differently according to the meters. if I get the chance soon, I will try to get some clips of flute with piano or something a bit more complex. anyway, see what you think.
I had just ordered a pair of Omni1 from Line Audio yesterday after I listened these tracks I think on the 2ft samples, the sound of MKH20 is too beautiful to be a flute, it sounds like a superman plays a ultra heavy 24k gold or platinum flute…please pay attention to the lowest notes on bar5 and bar6 (if counting in 3) and the Omni1 reproduced a more healthy sound of the flute without making up. However, on the 8ft samples the MKH20 showed more details and overtones and the sound of om1 is tighter…