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Originally Posted by IM WHO YOU THINK ➡️
Sure there's power. I'm pretty sure the African people didn't think of those who coined the term calling them pygmies as "explorers"
The world history of imperialism is long, convoluted and ugly. In 27bce (we don't say "BC" anymore, as that only works from a Christian gaze) The Romans began "conquering" Europe and North "Africa."
Did the "Africans" call their continent "Africa?" I believe it was Alkebulan... or was it? Africa is Roman-derived. The "Native Americans" didn't call the "new world" (it's only the "new world" to the Europeans who pilfered it from the native peoples) America.

Originally Posted by IM WHO YOU THINK ➡️
It's one group having the unquestioned power to define itself, and everyone else.
Agreed. Sometimes it's just the formation of language and culture to label things in a way that makes sense to the labeler. We all do it, all the time. Sometimes labels become common and simply contribute to language. And sometimes labels oppress, re-write history, or excuse the pirates among us for their atrocities.

I've pondered in the past that cultural identification itself (including nationalism, religion, group identification and everything else associated with culture), is the root of our inhumanity to one another. Without cultural identification and pride among the masses, the proliferation of a single powerful and ambitious person's greed could never manifest into awful realities such as ****ism, Roman Empire, European imperialism, Radical Islam, white supremacy, decimation of native peoples in the "Americas" (I suddenly feel a need to parenthesis a lot of words )... or the "conquering" of nations and enslavement of native peoples by imperialistic forces over the entire history of mankind.

Needles to say, the re-writing of language and history over the course of mankind is a deep subject. The dominators are always the gatekeepers; they manufacture history and labels. Personally, don't like being classified as "White." WTF is that? "Caucasian?" No thank you. Don't classify me into a group... any group. I neither join clubs, nor jump on bandwagons, and I find this has worked well for me in my decades on this earth.

Apologies for the lengthy meanderings. Your posts get me to thinking.