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I'm not buying the "convince me position" ...IMO at this point there's been more than enough unneeded xenophobic/racial tropes aimed at only one skin colour , persistently being articulated through images, words and actions.

For me, the tropes started with the (revealing) connection made between delta blues players buying guitars and the behaviour of a young man from toronto (only obvious connection, skin colour) a few pages back when i posted about the NFT sale

Theres been a few pages now of people offering brilliantly articulated , insightful (and graciously given ) perspectives that are just being batted down ignorantly and in bad spirit imo.

At this point, my analogy for this thread is someone just chucking **** in everyones faces and demanding we all explain why it doesn't stink.

or we are all being eloquently trolled.

Theres plenty here for anyone to reflect on re: the brainwash of the self-aggrandising/perpetuating version of western history many of us were taught in school (aka propaganda). And as kenny and i have both said....look into the history of mesopotamia. Thats where you'll begin to learn about the diversion of homo sapiens into other geographical areas and subsequent cultural and (melanin) evolutions. If youre interested.

I wonder how much you've travelled jbuonnac
IMO The division we are presented in the propaganda we are exposed to in schools and films and media everyday may become internalised subconsciously, attached to ones own insecurities and neuroses (read K. Jung) and then recycled as a projection of ones own mental formulations. (This thread would be a great case study in those projections). The hope is this bias doesn't come so suffocating to your ability to view a fellow human as your brother, your sister.....that you're open enough to go into the world and begin to discover our similarities outweigh our differences.....and so often our differences enrich us and help us grow.

simply "In others i find myself...and in me others find themselves"

In order to not end my post on a negative....and as weird as it seems to post this on a music website...i'll nvite you jbuonnac to open your mind (and heart) to build your view on people from this following thought as a wager you might feel happier and more connected to all people, more so than through only your music collection.

(see screenshot)