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Old 20th August 2021
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Hmm, so it seems to have a mod matrix like the Mophos, but does work on the Pro-3 where the oscillators can be used as sources and destinations?

It seems that with this one, the Prophet-6 and Rev-2 are becoming a bit redundant? Sure, this has only 3.5 octaves, but it may sound closer to the new Prophet 5 than the Prophet-6 does and it has two LFOs along with some mod matrix for a fraction of the price of the Prophet-6. The Prophet-6 is nice, but not as desirable for most people as the Prophet-5. So they will probably discontinue both the Prophet-6 and Rev-2. Maybe there will be a bigger version of the Take-5 with four or five octaves and 10 voices - a Take-10.