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Originally Posted by Arglebargle ➡️
Just hope the whatever the new one is, it continues their great support for Midi CC, modulation, and control. Waldorf is pretty much the last major synth company that I can count on for deep design elements.
I thought that way about Waldorf too.
When their last two synths didn't have release velocity as a mod source,
I contacted them, and the response about including it was pretty negative.
A big disappointment for me.

I don't know if some people died off, or left the company, but the only stuff that's appealing to me now is their older stuff.
I hope if they come out with something new, they get back with the program. so that it might be a potential purchase for me.

Arglebargle - if you haven't done so yet, you should check out Kurzweil.

Originally Posted by zahush76 ➡️
Wow. It takes so little effort to evoke responses about nothing.
The expression of wishful fantasies.
It takes even less than an imaginary prototype to bring them out around namm time.