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Originally Posted by Coorec ➡️
If its based on Quantum it will have the best dev support in current synth world.

The other clincher is they seem to be following the Q model on the hardware side -- release the mouth-watering amazing full-keyboard flagship FIRST and then release the more affordable iterations later.

Q, Q-rack, and then Micro-Q.

With Blofeld they released the budget iteration first and some (like myself) put off buying one because the bigger Stromberg was 'imminently coming', right? We eventually got the sorta-Stromberg Sledge but that's not really the same thing.

Instead, I jumped to the Microwave XT camp and didn't look back until the Quantum. Microwave development was all over the place -- Hybrid rack, then full premium keyboard flaghship (Wave), all-digital rack (MW2), knobby rack (XT), then full keyboard (XTk) and then dead-ended when they could no longer support/use the software development system, so no more spinoff products from that family.

Quantum development gets it right from both ends -- hardware that gets your attention and keeps it for many budget levels and software (both firmware and patches) that has active end user involved development and bug testing.

Best of both worlds, and it keeps on getting better.