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Originally Posted by dokushoka ➡️
Well my question was pretty rhetorical as I love the m201 and m88 and use those over sm57s with regularity. By "better" I mean is there any instance where you would use one of these modified sm57s over an m201 or m88? That modified sm57 costs just as much as the beyers, so in my eyes, it has some stiff competition.
I have an M88, M201 and both types of 57.
I prefer the M201 almost always.

I'm often pairing the M201 with a sennheiser 609 (or 906 for metal).
Or a 421.
Or an M160.

Sometimes the M201, e906 and the M160.
It depends on the day.

I'm using the GT Vipre- I really like using the TAB57 with the vipre's variable impedence- going between 300ohms and slow slew rate up to 2400ohm and fast slew dramatically changes the tone.