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Originally Posted by FranciscoJVR ➡️
hi i am always glad when there are new updates to the AO plugins. If possible I would like to make a suggestion, only if it is possible that in default mode HLQSE will not apply enhancement in the low and mid frequency spectrum, that it would be more linear by default or optionally leave through a switch to apply that enhancement .
Beforehand thank you very much
Regarding my previous question and suggestion about the BASS band, now I understand that this behavior is exactly like the original hardware, the fact of simply selecting a frequency already produces an "automatic" increase in it, even with the gain at 0 dB, then it would be good to add a "value 0" that indicates that no frequency is being selected (it could be something like a bypass), this would be much closer to the behavior of the hardware since in it we have the possibility of selecting the value " 0 "which indicates that neither a cut filter nor a boost filter is being applied.
I hope my suggestion is understood (English is not my native language)