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Here for the gear
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I have found the Line Audio mics to be more sensitive to EMI (not RFI, just AC line harmonics) than other small-diaphragm mics in my collection. It's only noticeable in proximity to strong magnetic fields, so it won't be a problem everywhere. But, take care not to position the mics near HVAC equipment, dimmer circuits, power distribution, or AC power cords with high-current loads on them. The problem is also much more noticeable in older buildings with poor electrical wiring (usually open grounds).

The attached image is a level-matched comparison of the SE8 Omni and the OM1 both inside a large foam block, inside an iso cabinet, recording just the 'silence'. Each was run with the same type/length of Mogami 2534 cable into adjacent channels of a Sytek MPX-4Aii. Both pick up the room's HVAC rumble very accurately, but it's also easy to see the EMI harmonics picked up by the OM1 (this is NOT acoustic noise, this is electrical interference) that are not present in the SE8 omni (and it's easy to hear them, too, listening to the files). This particular room is in a pretty bad EMI environment, in a building next to a commuter rail line that uses 700VAC power and regenerative braking systems.
Try to send this to Roger directly. It looks like issue.