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Originally Posted by shanesbg ➡️
So I was/am curious if any one has an opinion about how these compare to say a Rupert Neve Shelford Channel...I realize the difference price wise between these 2 pieces is fairly substantial, but that aside I guess I am wondering if the Warm is in the same ballpark, same game or can it not keep up with the Shelford?

I have been fortunate to be able to potentially get ahold of a Shelford and am wondering if anyone is able to chime in at all. I know some have been able to compared the Warm to a BAE, which some comment favorably and some not, but don't know that I have heard or seen anything with Warm and the Shelford....thanks
I compared the bae mpf and wa73 x2 (no eq) and was unimpressed with the warm. I preferred the HA73 elite w/ eq to the warm units for an affordable 1073. I know it’s not exactly fair since I used the warm w/out eq. If it matters, I ended up with a BAE 1023L. I want a second but space matters at the moment.

I know it’s not 1073 related but I have an SSL six channel I just used on OH and it sounded really nice for that application. I haven’t put it on kick or snare yet, but for mono OH @USD$399 with eq/comp/hpf and meters, it is beating anything else under $500 per channel I have used based on the way it sounds.

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