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Originally Posted by louderjamz ➡️
I'd say 99.9% of Apple Music subscribers will be listening on ear/headphones that support Spatial Audio (3D surround simulation).

This is a feature to sell more ear/headphones.

Two drivers but a very different experience to traditional stereo.
Actually, it works with any headphones, not just with Apple’s H1 chip enabled. AppleMusic basically just streams a binaural Atmos version of the album if you set it to Automatic or Always. No decoding is happening in the headphones.

The confusion comes from the fact that they probably don’t want to have droves of people suddenly complaining that their device or the streaming service sounds “broken” , because they forgot to set Atmos to Off when their device is plugged into regular stereo speakers. In fact, when you switch it to Always, you get each time a warning reminding you that Atmos will not work on regular speakers.

As the device has no way of knowing if it has wired headphones or wired speakers plugged into it , the only way they have to avoid this is the Automatic setting by default, which detects if an Airpod is being used ( in that case it will play the Atmos version), and if not, it will play a stereo version, unless you manually switch to Always.

So, basically you can use any non-Apple wired or bluetooth headphones you want, as long as you set it to Always, and remember to set it to Off if you’re plugging stereo speakers.