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To be honest, this thing scares me :
I listened to many songs and compared the atmos mix vs the stereo mix. Wow ! First, the atmos mixes are way quieter (atmos requires -18lufs.. why ?).
Every song I heard sounded way better with the stereo mix ! The atmos mixes sounded more muffled (yeah we know : we compress and EQ less when mixing in 5.1).
I don't get it... Atmos is great when heard in an atmos configuration (7.1.4, or even 5.1, or quad). But what's the stuff with binaural ??
The worst part : if the song is available in atmos, it plays this version ! That is really scary...
When binaural metadata is setup with care, I think it may work better... but anyway. That binaural rendering adds some sort of reverb. As a mixer, I don't want that.
The binaural stuff doesn't really work in pop music, in my opinion (except for a few songs. I liked Diana Krall's Like Someone in Love : you hear the guitar in the "left surround speaker".. but the stereo version is better sounding).

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