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Originally Posted by rezoneight ➡️
Honestly wondering if most of these Atmos mixes aren’t just some automated process except for the newest albums that might have been mixed with this in mind. I listened to “Into You” by Ariana Grande (quite possibly the most perfect pop song ever. Max Martin at his best). There is A LOT going on in that song in the background and you can hear it all in the stereo mix. The Atmos mix a lot of it is just gone. Same thing for Graveyard by Halsey. Ther are little guitar bits and other things going on there that are so muffled they might as well not be there. As noted tho some of the Taylor Swift sounds great and some of the older tracks do as well where it’s clear someone took some time.
Of course - if it's been mixed for stereo then this is useless and indeed pointless. No algorithm is going to get a stereo mix up-mixed perfectly for this kind of thing even if it had all the individual tracks available which it most certainly won't lol.

As was noted above there should be a playlist or some kind of icon stating which are compatible etc.

EDIT: as to Max Martin - you'd be blessed to get his individual tracks - Rick Beato got some stems of his a couple of years ago by purchasing them which was really interesting (should still be available on his YouTube Channel) and his stems were massive quality sub-mixes of their own. Such a perfectionist (which has to be admitted to his quality of sound production whether you love his music or hate it or are somewhere in between ;-) ).