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Originally Posted by Somafunk ➡️
To my ears the atmos version sounds like the mastering engineer had a head cold when he signed off on the song
Yep, way too many of the Atmos mixes have this problem with vocals in particular. One song I listened to kept the vocal track which had a heavy flanger-like effect on it totally isolated dead center. That effect might be fine in a mix but not isolated in 3d space.

I wonder if some of these were mixed with Stereo headphones using a poor HRTF emulation in software. It seems like there's no way an engineer would put some of these tracks out if they were using an Atmos system with physical speakers.

Apple's algorithms are far and away superior for Surround IMO so I hope at least newer masters that come out check these headphones as a reference. If any concerts you like are on the Apple Movies store I've had a pretty good experience there which proves to me the surround algorithms work well for these specific headphones.

Back to music, there are some standouts that are really great, but I can't imagine a regular person sticking to Spatial audio on with the consistency being so bad right now which is a shame.