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I’ve been listening to Reprise by Moby on Apple Music using iPad Pro & airpods max whilst switching from atmos/spatial audio to stereo and find I’m a tad underwhelmed by the atmos experience, vocals seem recessed and lack drive despite attempting to volume match (atmos needs volume knocked up a bit compared to stereo). Very noticeable vocal difference on tracks such as “why does my heart feel so bad” & ”the lonely night” which sound vastly superior in normal stereo mode and I’ve come to the conclusion the entire album just sounds far more engaging to listen to in stereo. Not sure exactly what I’m missing with the atmos experience but it’s certainly not a game changer as talked about ; in listening experience for myself, it’s merely a bit of a novelty that I’m happy to live without for the time being.

Also listened to “Blinding Light - The Weekend”, I switched back to back throughout the song comparing the two versions. The stereo mix sounds precise and crisp, especially on the tom’s but the atmos version sounds recessed and poorly defined, the tom hits are very lacklustre and vocals sound like they’re coming from inside an iso booth.

To my ears the atmos version sounds like the mastering engineer had a head cold when he signed off on the song