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Using AirPods Max. Some of these songs sound great, and some are so awful I think maybe the engineers should reconsider their occupations. Riders on the Storm sounds pretty nice for example, while a Fall Out Boy song (which is first in Apple's Rock playlist for spatial audio) sounds like they put the stereo mix through an effect from a 90s PC sound card. I'm confident it would sound very wrong to even a non-audiophile, which leads to a problem...

You have to toggle spatial audio on and off globally (although it's easy to do), and once people hit a few songs that sound super out of phase due to poor engineering they're going to turn this off and never re-enable it which could kill the market before it takes off. Playlists will help, but not with the random discovery of streaming music. The quality needs to get a lot more consistent soon.

Taylor Swift's folklore album sounds really good too in Atmos; the engineering put into it just exudes high fidelity - just like most of the newer stereo mixes on her albums.

Logic Pro is being updated this winter with tools to create these Spatial mixes (probably Atmos licensed tools built in), which will save people some cash if they've already got Logic purchased and equipment to reproduce it.