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Originally Posted by Alien23 ➡️
A look at putting things into better context,
was going through some old sample discs, taking out the chaff and porting other things off to the "for use as potential osc waves" department. After going through "sounds great, but it's a chord..... in the trash it goes" for the upteenth time, just got to wondering how and why sampling chords had ever become much of a thing to begin with.

I can get people doing it on their own and things.... user sampling was and will always be a wild wild west that's not meant to make sense beyond the individual, but the fact it ever managed to become a norm in commercial market practices just baffles me as it's like "What's one supposed to do with these things in general use cases?"

For all I know there was some fairly standardized use cases and approaches as the practice was far from rare on sample pack CDs of the past and wouldn't be surprised if it carries on strongly into the commercial current. As the old saying goes, "If you don't know, you better ask somebody...."
Maybe learn something new; try some different approaches.

From what I gather thus far, doesn't seem there's much idea as to what brought the (particularly commercial) practice on as any sort of established norm.

Hopefully the additional context can relieve any idea that the question was somehow an attack on the methods of others or somehow an attempt to proclaim a deceleration of "right" standard for sampling with a toast to critical thought and inquiry still being viewed as something other than an inherent sin or an attack.
First of all; please take your meds
Second; it seems that you try to impress with your use of language but it doesn’t help you to cover the illogical holes of your sentences. You are saying “(yaddayayadda) they are no established norm” and then you are saying “(yaddayadda) no attack intended”.

There were several examples given to you for the practical and artistic use of samples chords yet you try to say there isn’t.

Like it would be really good practice when discussing sth in an forum where others take part of the conversation to hear them and maybe even learn sth on the way. You’re better of writing blogposts.