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Originally Posted by Alien23 ➡️
don't listen to music at all actually.
just heard something about money for nothing and your chix for free; figured i'd check it out...
there's music involved?
Listen to early Todd Terry, Black Riot - A Day In The Life and Royal House - Can You Party, Inner City - Good Life for how sampled chords were usefull in dance music for that vibe. I doubt they over thought it, probably just sampled a chord off another record and played that chord on different keys and thought it sounded cool so they played it into their track.

I think the whole sample CD chord thing in hip hop etc(extending here to Garage and DnB etc) came later as a way to get some Rhodes or real strings etc into their tracks without the usual gear required or at hand or without sampling copyrighted work like in earlier hip hop as the laws had tightened. mind you romplers have been available during the whole time, so sometimes they might just like/prefer the sample and wanted to use it.

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