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Originally Posted by Alien23 ➡️
Fairlight, Synclavier, Emulator, Akai S, ASR......
none of these were monophonic

There's never been a point in time where anything approaching a majority of commercial/consumer market samplers/sample players were monophonic in their sample play capability.
but yes, had that ever been the case, I could understand that.

Chorded samples have been an "industry" norm for decades, one will run into them with fair regularity going back to commercial sample packs of 90s.
The occasional (orchestra) "hit" and the like aside, I didn't get it back then, and still don't get it now.
So presume there's just some sort of practical regular use case point I've long missed.

*granted, non-chorded samples were far more popular and the vast majority of 90s synths wouldn't exist if this hadn't been the case*
Stop thinking abstractly about tech and instead think about what was actually available to people in their particular life circumstances. How many kids making music in the 90s had access to a Synclavier? People use what is practically available to them, and they'll use those things with whatever level of musical knowledge they do or don't have, in whatever way that tech facilitates.

Here's a simple case of "think like them" for you. If I listen to a hip hop track and try to analyze it with the lens of classical music theory, I would conclude "hoW iNteResTinG!! tHeY arE utiLiZInG sIgNiFicAnT aMouNtS oF cHroMatiC pLaNinG..." where in reality they had one sample of a chord which transposes when they hit another key -- thoughts about music theory are irrelevant when that's the only sound they could make with the sample.