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Originally Posted by Alien23 ➡️
Relative to the more "traditional" waveshapes, I've long been a fan of sample based Osc.
Much more complex wave shapes for oscillator use readily available and assured stable tuning to boot.
But I've never understood having samples of "chords"......
It ruins being able to use the sample as an osc that can be played across the entire range and locks one into a world of playing in 5ths, 9ths, and such things.

None the less, there's tons of them out there.
What's the point?
People use them as is in songs. Instead of creating the chord they have a ready to go sample.

I've never worked this way but it's insanely prevalent in a lot of hip hop production.

Using samples as an osc sounds nice but you're unlikely to replicate an actual instrument/ original sound as accurately as with fully baked one shot sample unless we're talking very basic waves.